How to Make Money and Grow Gather Publisher at Blogger

How to Make Money and Grow Gather Publisher at Blogger. if you as a blogger seems to be incomplete and it's less fun if you can not make money from blog / website. If you want your blog / website you can make money at least for the cost of Internet access that is used to manage the blog / website, then please read on post How To Make Money from this Blogger Gather.

There are many ways you can do to make money from your blog / website, one of which is of the Gather Blogger. There are at least 3 (three) income that can be obtained from Gather Blogger namely:

  • Through a Unique Pay Per Click method that is if the ads posted on your blog / website you clicked by us or visitors, then we will get paid per click for 1 (one) IP Address of Rp.300 (three hundred rupiah) to Rp Linksdan Text Ads .350 (three hundred fifty dollars) for the Ad Banner;
  • From the Link Referral is if there are other people who joined Gather Blogger through your referral link, then every 1 (one) times the clicks of visitors to your blog / website, you get paid Rp.25 (twenty five dollars). Well if there is 100 (one hundred) people who join the Gather Blogger through your referral link and each day their ad is clicked by an average of 10 (ten) of visitors, then your income is 100 x 10 = 1000 x Rp.25 = 25.000 (twenty five thousand dollars) per day, not bad for the dressing pulse khan?
  • Pay Per Transaction system that you will get paid each time managed to sell a product from a third party who has been working with Blogger Gather a commission of 2% (two percent) of the sales price.
Well if you are interested to join Gather Bloggers, please follow the steps below:

  1. To facilitate your registration please click on Register Now 100% FREE;
  2. Once open windows / new page, enter your email and fill in the Captha like code shown, then click the Register;
  3. and then if you get a pop-up notification form, please click OK, then open your email;
  4. In the email, you will get the password used to log into your Blogger account Gather
To get the Add Ads Script, you must first register your blog,
  1. how the Blogger menu click Add a Blog
  2. The next input your blog's address according to directions given.
  3. Once completed, please click on Script Text Advertising for your Blog for Free Text
  4. Script for Blog andauntuk Mini Banner Advertising Banner and Script Selling Books (Work with to sell those products in cooperation with the Gather Blogger
  5. To Add Ads Script please in pairs in the sidebar / page of your blog that the ads are easily viewed by visitors to your blog, please read How do I install and Delete Widgets on Blogger

possible way to get money from so many bloggers gathering. if still confused, please comment below.
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