How to order Buysells Ads Received

How to order Received Buysells Ads. BuysellsAds is an advertising agency that brings advertisers to the site. Ads Buysells is something very interesting, because we do not need to bother looking for advertisers for our site speace our existing banner. Of course we must have paypal account. Well apart from that there is a requirement of a site to be received by buysells Ads. The following eight important points that I have translated from the official website.

Ads Buysells requirements:

  1. Your website should contain examples such asa custom domain ( do notaccept to
  2. Your website must live, must be finished goods(such as the attractive design) and. You musthave fresh content.
  3. Your site must have more than 100,000 permonth Pageview
  4. No porn or anything even remotely illegal or contain "questionable" content.
  5. The site must be in English (sorry, we can not provide support in other languages ​​now).
  6. If you have a ton of targeted ads on your sitealready, we will not approve you.
  7. We are currently focused on the technology / web design / development / free lancerniche. Although we sometimes received outside this niche sites, you may be denied if you areoutside of this niche.
  8. If you are rejected when applicants do not be upset, does not mean that buysells Ads will not approve you in the future.
Visit the official website at
So, if you are already in accordance withriquest buysells ads, follow these tips regularlyand then to reapply for them. You must be approved by buysellads which has a short name cool BSA.
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