Power of Motivation

Power of Motivation. I believe most people actually know what should be done to improve their lives. Some of them also probably know what to do to achieve what they want. Even if you try to ask people who are on the roadside, "I wonder what to do to be able to achieve success?" Then I'm sure most likely you can get the right answer. But the real question is why they do not do it? This can be caused less motivation or inability to motivate oneself.

This is what makes motivation is an important part of an achievement, especially in business. Because the greater the achievement of desired business, the greater the motivation needed. Self-motivation that will encourage you to initiate and perform an action. There was also the motivation to create momentum that is not visible yet so powerful. For example, did you ever imagine how little it takes to prevent a train that has not been executed so as not to move?Quite simply by putting a piece of wooden beams as thick as 10 cm in front of each wheel so the train can not move already. But if the last train was traveling at 60 miles per hour, he was even able to hit the wall thickness of 2 meters of reinforced concrete! Maybe that's a picture of a motivating force.

A motivational speaker Zig Ziglar is famous, one time been approached by a man and criticized. The man said, "You're the only motivational speaker could come pump the spirit and motivate people and then you leave and no longer motivation also goes away by itself" But Zig Ziglar responded with remarkable, "Is not that also happen after we shower usually is not long then we get dirty again, and we think is a good thing to keep in a shower every day. "
I strongly agree on this that the motivation is not always last forever. After all we have to renew it every day. Following the seminar motivation is not a bad thing, but we must realize that the speaker's motivation is not always accompany and encourage you. If you want to stay motivated all the time then we are responsible for creating motivation. The Greek philosopher Socrates said, "To move the world we must first move ourselves." Let us see what can be a motivating force:

Motivation is the first step towards the achievement.
Motivation is the key that opens the door to get to your achievement. Motivation is what gets you started walking, while the commitment is what makes you keep moving. A group of motivated sales team accomplishments are usually higher than the sales are only allowed to own the road. A student who has the motivation to learn certainly better than having no motivation. So is running a business with high motivation certainly better than just the 

Motivasi increasing willingness
People usually fail not because of lack of ability or lack of knowledge, but usually because of lack of willpower. With this motivation in a person then the person will be improved.People who are motivated enough will usually find the will power up in themselves. A strong will is going to be a strong boost in business.

Motivation provides extra power
We often refer to other people-powered high-powered or low based on how many things they do. I think it may be more appropriate if we mention they have the motivation is high or low motivation. If you have the motivation, you'll have extra energy. Motivation gives you the power to do many things. Motivation is the reason why there are always things that I want to do, the people who I want to meet, and the goals I want to accomplish.

Motivation is the foundation for excellence
Motivation can transform a person of ordinary circumstances be superior. Human rights leader, Martin Luther King Jr.. asserted, "If someone has not discovered something he will die for him, he did not deserve to live." When you discover your life purpose, you find the motivation. And when you find the motivation, you can achieve excellence.

Motivation is the key to success
I read about two hundred executives were asked about what makes people successful.Number one quality that they mention is not a skill but enthusiasm, and most of them recognize that there needs to be a fire of motivation in human beings to achieve success. We can see how a successful businessman running a business, usually motivation is one factor behind their success
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