Know Entrepreneurship

Know Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship, said this is the equivalent word that refers Entrepreneurship adjectives associated by an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is also the title actually comes from the French word, namely "Enteprende" and was introduced by a French economist Richard Cantillon is to describe the moment traders are able to leverage and maximize resources from productive to non productive.

An entrepreneur has the ability to destroy the creative (creative destruction), always seeking a new balance in the status quo, it is said by Schumpeter, a prominent economist. He always looked for opportunities to maximize their creativity and innovation to create a business suit that he had dreamed. When examined again the word "creative destruction" describes an entrepreneur has a tendency to behave "damage" or he likes to break something that was raw and already considered the norm by the general public.Entrepreneurship can also perform a considered unusual in the eyes of others. He survived in the middle of a sense of pessimism, distrust, and even self others who do not understand his logic.

Not all created by an entrepreneur to succeed, but he enjoys every process that led to the failure to do though. An entrepreneur living with the values ​​of high optimism, optimism is sometimes clashed with the views of others, but that did not give up and despair.

An entrepreneur is always comply with the risk of his life, but he tried to suppress the level of risk is as low as possible (even to zero risk, if possible) to avoid failure. He belonged to middle-level decision makers (moderate) and not a gambler (gambler). If the risks were deemed too large compared to the results to be accepted, then the activity will he leave.

Entrepreneurs have a clear future orientation. He always do the calculations in each action, this is often done with foresight, superior to some of the steps than the average person.This is where the strengths of an entrepreneur, where perceptions of success in the future makes him able to survive while experiencing a variety of early failure.
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