Partnership Modal of SOEs

Partnership Modal of SOEs. Besides relying on financial institutions as a source of venture capital, business people should know that many companies in its social programs to give attention to SMEs, including in terms of business financing.

The program comes both SOEs and private companies. One of them, the companies status of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), basically have the obligation to set aside part of its profits to foster and develop Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

Partnership in the state intended to support and encourage SMEs to be trained partners. This will further facilitate SMEs to get loans. Small business development program aimed at making state-owned enterprises held a small business into a formidable and independent businesses, as well as medium-sized businesses can become bankable.

The pattern of these partnerships can be run in four ways. First, the direct coaching, where direct state loans and technical assistance to partners to target. Second, cooperation among state-owned enterprises, namely SOEs provide working capital loans to the partners built another state, while state-owned partners binaannya obtain loans that act as a guarantor on the credit proxies received by partners. Third, cooperation with the banking financial institutions, either in the form of channeling and executing. Fourth, the pattern of work units. In this case the state government together to form a working unit is assigned to conduct inventories, selecting and proposing small businesses eligible for loans.

For SOEs that deliver direct loans, of course, businesses can immediately try to apply for loans to related companies. The average company requires the completeness of the background and business prospects are concise and simple. There are requiring businesses that have been running for a year, some are 2 years old. Of course, along with financial statements for running the business. Besides also made a plan and the projected use of funds business with the distribution of these funds.

Enterprises can apply for a loan is usually required to have a net worth of at most Rp 200 million (excluding land and building of business premises), and has annual sales of Rp 1 billion.Besides the status of citizen, in the form of individual businesses, and stand alone.
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