Fear of Success or Fear of Failure

Fear of Success or Fear of Failure. Someone asked, "Is it fear of success really exist?". It could be just reason to fear failure alone. But first we want to ask: "what is the definition of success?". If who imagined: a luxury car, big house, a great career ... mmmm. .. Probably not right. I prefer to success is associated with "I'm living my passion, I LOVE what I do, I jump out of bed in the morning and can not wait to start my day, I am sharing my gifts with others ... etc. "

But be careful also with sweet sentence above because we can get stuck in the comfort zone and do not know if we've got potential. There is one word that is often overlooked: "STRETCH". We want our success to evolve - to Represent more of what we want to Become. For that we want to stretch our zone. We then stretch with the make plans and take actions.

Fear of failure = failure due to fear?
He said more people who are afraid to fail than the fear of death. Woow .. why yes? Failure is usually associated with the inability to meet expectations. Whether it's career, business, academic or relationship. The structure of modern society is created from the concept of competition. Survival for the fittest. To survive, you need to succeed. If you do not fail and die.That was rough.

People who fear failure may not be a fool. But there is a mechanism of "self-sabotaging" that exists within him. Usually this is related to her desire to appear perfect. Become an admired idol of many. Unfortunately he became burdened with excessive standard of perfection.

Where did it come from?
Psychologically, people are afraid of success and fear of failure has the same issue in the "willpower". It may sound weird, people are scared of his willpower successful small. He tends to be stagnant and not to challenge him to do new things. People who fear failure of his willpower just great. But unfortunately he was abusing the willpower to sabotage it by himself. He could plan for an outstanding job, but does not perform any action and suddenly his attention turned to other activities.

Now we see the belief or view of what makes the willpower can not be actualized to the optimum.

Beliefs of people who are afraid to fail
"I must be perfect"
"I should be number one"
"I must succeed so that people admire me"
"Failure is the end of everything"
"I would be punished if I fail"
"I have to maintain self-image"
"The views of people about me should always be good"

Beliefs of people who are afraid of success

"If I change later I was someone else"
"I avoid responsibility"
"I like to put off the job"
"I feel less meaningful"
"No way!" , "The hell can?"
"I do not know how to do"
"I am afraid of uncertainty"

If we explore more deeply, fear of success and fear of failure usually occurs due to emotional or sexual abuse in childhood. Core beliefnya is feeling Unwanted. Unfortunately, parents should play a positive role in the development of the child abuse it without consciously doing so when the child becomes an adult person who is afraid. The emotions of a mother at the time containing the initial character must also establish the child. Environment, including teman2, also plays a role in the child's psychological development. Environment affects gene.

The characteristics of the body
This abuse can be easily observed in our bodies. The left body stores emotional abuse.Some people I met complained of his left body sore, weak and sick. Predictably, after they traced the memory save emotional abuse in childhood.

Keep the right body sexual abuse. Symptoms are similar to emotional abuse. Were weak, but also can be rigid and heavy.

The good news is, we can get out of this limited state of origin has a strong willpower. Therapy facilitates change, while the self alone is running change. This willpower he waiting to be resurrected. Not tomorrow or the next day but like a wise man said, "If not now when?"
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