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How To Make Money Easy From As one of the companies that focus on services advertising Pay Per Click (PPC) indonesia. Will focus our attention only to provide maximum service to the Advertiser and Publisher, with the cooperation of mutual benefit. Price perklik Advertising for publishers to Rp 500, Rp There is a bonus 1 / Impressions Visitors who come to our site.

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Background The emergence of Global AdSense

In the midst of a crowded competition in business ppc certainly one of us is ever deceived or even new to and immediately disappointed karenaperhitungannya not transparent, where a lot of clicks but not recognized, certain of us have experienced it.GlobalAdsense present as a solution to answer all the problems that exist.On this occasion we will review a Pay Per Click Advertising Portal, which in large sieve-sieve into Indonesia's best PPC advertising portal.

Testimonial us:
First I will start the site in terms of appearance, if you come you definitely comfortable because they have a view that is simple and profesional.Namun there is a slight problem on the top navigation menu is less liked, especially at contact 1, logos YM sometimes error, hopefully It's just a matter of our network are slow. if not of course this will reduce the valuation point as Indonesia's best ppc advertising portal.

Next is a problem on the Edit Account, as I will choose a payment method, it can not be done and only supports the BCA course, I tried again and again but the result remains the same, certainly as a user I feel disappointed because I did not have a bank account at BCA , should globaladsense supports a more varied payment methods, including Paypal, if necessary, where there is seldom a brave local ppc pays its members through Paypal, I counted a few. if supports payment by Paypal account owner of a beginner like me will cheer ria and disseminate that information disseminated to fellow colleagues. we hope the future hopefully globaladsense can fix it.

Well now let's see what the hell have advantages and features of

  1. Registration is very simple, not convoluted enough to click here then you just enter the username, password, and email.
  2. How to advertise an uncomplicated easy just click the words "advertise" then select the menu like a text link or banner. after you choose do not forget to click love the name and put the link at will in pasangi ads.
  3. Display Ad Flexsibel, can be adjusted with the theme of our website, so we do not have to worry about reducing the appearance of our site. because provide a wide range of options that mantab.
  4. System of a cool calculation. and fun, and transpran. Full ad statistics and clear, oh yes but there are earnings from ad clicks by visitors, so we will be paid automatically based on the number of visitors to our site. with the calculation as follows: Rp 1 / offline, so if we have 1000 visitors / day then we will automatically get a bonus of USD 1000 is not steady? what else until 10,000 visitors per day.
  5. Price 1-click advertising can be up to $ 500, Steady really! very RECOMMEND
There are no words other than saying matab!from me, I say this not just praise but indeed that's a fact, which in Indonesia ads like this bold, Rp 1 / impressions and Rp 500/klik.
Waiting for? Global to join our (free). Make your blog as a field of money. Do not waste the visitors who come on our site!
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