Getting more Venture Capital

Getting more Venture Capital. Unlike financial institutions such as banks, venture capital somewhat unfamiliar in the business world country. Though the financial institution that has spread to all provinces in Indonesia this could be one source of capital for entrepreneurs, especially SMEs.

Financing system of the PMV is very different from other finance systems. In principle, the PMV is a system of cooperation that is equity financing, where PMV provides financing in the form of equity participation in a company or joint-venture company known as (PPU), for a certain period and temporary (maximum 10 years). Small and medium enterprise business partner of the venture capital company according to Law No. 10 of 1994 was the company that a year does not exceed the net sales of Rp 5 billion.

PMV and PPU then as a partner to jointly develop the company, both in terms of capital and management companies. The goal was none other than, the PPU can increase business productivity, quality of goods and services produced, sales volume and market share.

Unlike the loans to other financial institutions, do not overload the PPU PMV with financial obligations such as payment of principal, interest or provision of collateral. While the risks and benefits of business in this model are borne and enjoyed jointly by PMV and PPU.

PMV interest in the success of the activities progress and growth of its activities PPU. Therefore, the PMV is not just providing financing assistance, but also participate in the management of the management, and other such technical assistance from the planning stages, through implementation of business development.

How is financing provided?
PMV type of financing can be done through direct equity participation, ie equity in PPU PMV by taking a part a certain number of shares PPU is concerned, known as equity financing; done by buying convertible bonds issued by the PPU or quasi equity financing; and financing for the results performed for the company who is not a legal entity or the requirements that must be met for direct participation or not yet met by the PPU.

Divestment as a final stage in a period where the PMV financing investments in shares pull back from the PPU, it can be done with the IPO (initial sale of shares in the stock), sell back to the PPU, sell to another company, selling to new investors or liquidate the PPU is not to grow.

Funding awarded based on consideration of strong or weak condition of the company management. For businessmen who are interested in a partnership MV, of course, the proposed credit will first be analyzed and assessed from the aspects of management and business feasibility. To obtain it, businesses can contact directly the existing PMV.

The requirements to be met, among others, the legality of the document, the applicant's data themselves, domicile, and business license (if any). Furthermore, the applicant will be asked to make proposals of credit application containing a business plan that will be done, how much credit scores requested, and how the candidate PPU does business. To facilitate the credit approval process, it is better proposal is made as complete with the correct data.Good luck!
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