Procedures Registering Trademark or Trade Mark Rights

Procedures Registering Trademark or Trade Mark Rights. Trademark rights, including the main and important thing in business. He is an asset that made the difference between business and the other one. The right brand can explain your business identity, logos, names and symbols that make your business unique compared to competitors. Brand also will protect the rights of businesses and products / services from other parties who wish to abuse the fame copy your business.

Here are the procedures that must be done to register the intellectual property rights Brand.Rights Trademark Registration can be done directly in the Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights Ministry of Justice and Human Rights or in representative areas of each region.Application Procedure Registration of Marks under Law No. Brand. 15 of 2001.

Trademark registration application filed by filling out a form provided for that in the Indonesian language and typed copies of 4 (four).
Applicant must attach:

  • Affidavit on stamped paper just signed by the applicant (not proxies), which states that the brand being applied for is his;
  • Special power of attorney, if the application for registration filed by the power;
  • A copy of the official deed of the legal entity or copies certified by a notary public who, if the applicant legal entity;
  • 24 (twenty four) brand label sheets (4 sheets attached to the form) that is printed on paper;
  • Photocopy of identity card applicants;
  • Evidence of original priority and translation in Indonesian, if the petition is done by right of priority; and
  • Proof of payment of application fee of Rp.600.000, - (six hundred thousand dollars).
Before applying for trademark registration, should be used to search for the right brand that you would ask have never registered with the Director General of Intellectual Property Rights. Once there is confirmation that the right brand can still be registered, the registration process can be done next. Long process until the issuance of a certificate of registration mark rights (if no objections from other parties) is about 2 -3 years.

For more information on Rights of Trademark registration can be found at the official website of Directorate General of Intellectual Property Rights.
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