Method Laundry Service Business

Kiloan Laundry Services businesses. Service laundry kilogram familiar we hear.  often found in areas around campus boarding-lodging. Understandably, the student is an appropriate target for business laundry kilogram.

Although not always be a routine requirement for most students, but there is only need for this cleaning service. The reason was busy and did not have the time, even some students who have a lazy habit to wash. By occupying the area around the boarding-lodging near campus, you can imagine a clear market for this business targeted.

In the development of this business has become a trend among businesses. Competition for this business was already quite high. No longer just as the manager, even today these businesses often occupied by students who feel confident with the target market is sought. They rely on word of mouth promotion around campus, and those that are more creative by spreading leaflets.

Many are called, laundry kilogram was first grown in the city of Yogyakarta. In fact, there is formed a special association called the Association's Kilo Laundry Jogja (Alkijo), which formed Aditya J. Trituranta together with 30 other friends laundry kilogram businessmen in Yogyakarta. These businesses then go mushrooming in other cities known for education, such as Bandung, for example.

Capital for business equipment laundry kilogram is varied, as voted by the equipment used. With a capital of USD 25 million, Rp 50 million to $ 100 million or more, you can run this business. Subsequently prepared a place of business, can be self-owned or leased, as well as some labor-adjusted enterprise scale.

What is certain laundry services on offer is the result of the above traditional laundry home, but at an affordable price delivered according to the weight of clothing. There is a set price per unit kg, there is also a set of at least laundering how many pounds later pegged the price. Per kilogram was a set price range from Rp 5 thousands. The offer is quite tempting for students indeed, than they have to spend money for laundry which is calculated per item of clothing.

No wonder so many businesses attracted to undergo this business. Benefits can be obtained from the laundry kilogram this is interesting. Within a month, few businesses can book profits to 20% of initial capital invested.
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