How to Overcome Troma Due to Rape

menghiangkan trauma akibat pemerkosaan
Overcoming Trauma Due to Rape - No pain in this world for a woman apart from the trauma of rape and sexual violence. My Information is soconcerned with the case in the face by women who are victims of rape. Therefore I triedmeneusuri pskologis books are borrowed from the library on campus to create content that Insha Allah beneficial for women who are victims of sexual violence.

  1. Think positive, wake up the ideals of good, know that your future is not determined by events in the past but is determined by your decision today to become better.
  2. Say "STOP" each time the traumatic shadow appeared, and then immediately switch your mind to the ideals of your life more positive.
  3. Speak openly with one or two people that can best support you can trust and your presenceis.
  4. Try to forgive the guilty to ease the burden of your feelings and do not generalize other people with the guilty person (for example: you realize that not all men are evil like the rapist)
  5. Help other people the same boat with you,because by providing assistance to others without realizing it you also treat yourself.
Similarly Overcoming Trauma Due to Rape. I pray I hope you can get through this all, the world will not end unless you surrender to the circumstances, be frustation, and end of life.

Believe me there will be people out there wholove and accept you as is.

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