Entrepreneurship Rental Services Odong-Odong

Entrepreneurship Rental Services Odong-Odong. Taking the time to travel in order to provide entertainment for the baby is not always available to all parents. Meanwhile, on the other hand, little is definitely needed entertainment, especially in the form of the game.

Interestingly enough, an idea came to meet the needs of parents and children by providing entertainment in the form of the game, without having to spend the time and cost a lot to it.

Hence the birth odong-odong business, the designation for the games of children who usually traveled around the residential population. Odong-odong But this one is not an old car with a pickup as it is commonly known in remote areas. Odong-odong this one is the designation for the rickshaw modifications are made available for children's games. As an attraction, usually odong-odong equipped with a seat resembling a horse or motorcycle. One odong-odong in a single game can contain one to six children depending on the size of odong-odong. Still to attract attention, cheerful music and songs of children accidentally rung every towing odong-odong operate this game.

Appropriate target market, business-odong odong more likely when running in the middle to lower public housing, particularly in areas that are still minimal or far from places of recreation.One-time ride is usually marked by the end of one song, the children are charged Rp 2,000 and takes about 2 to 3 minutes.

At first glance it seems likely the business is not so attractive. But when trying to calculate the return opportunities that money can be generated from this business is quite promising. For those who want to try this business, as the skipper odong-odong, first thing to do of course buy-odong odong can vary with the price per unit of about Rp 7 million to Rp9 million.

This business is also fairly difficult not need supervision. Odong-odong run by towing.Usually the system used is the deposit system. Where a deposit to the owner puller odong-odong per day about Rp20 thousand to 25,000. With this amount, estimated the business will be a turnover of less than a year.
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