The story of Niccolo Paganini and his violin

The story of Niccolo Paganini and his violinNiccolo Paganini, a famous violinist who in the 19th century, played a concert for the devotees who filled the room. She played violin with the accompaniment of full orchestra, suddenly one of his violin strings broke. A cold sweat began running down his forehead but he continued to play his song. A very shocking incident some other violin strings were broken one by one leaving only one string, but he's still playing.When the audience saw he only had one stringand still play, they stand up & shout, "Great,Great ..." After the adoring applause, Paganini told them to sit down. They might not realizeshe could play with a single string. Paganini saluted the crowd and motioned to the conductor of the orchestra to continue the final part of the song was. With sparkling eyes heshouted, "Paganini with a single string" He puthis violin at his chin and started to play the final part of the song beautifully. The audience was shocked & amazed at this occurrence.

Our lives are filled with problems, worries, disappointments & all who are not good things. Honestly, we often devote too much time concentrating on the string we who break & everything that we can not change.

Do you still think of the strings you who drop out in your life? Is not wonderful sounding strings last longer?
If so, I would like to recommend DO NOTLOOK BACK, go ahead
strings play only that,
believe it beautifully. The Lord will helpyou ...
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