Acts of the Women Entrepreneurs Tree

Acts of the Women Entrepreneurs Tree. During this time, the tree is still more profitable when it's shaped pieces of wood than the time is still a living plant. However, the women near the landfill site Buffelsdraai, Durban, South Africa, is proof that they can get a nice profit just by growing trees.

Through the reforestation program of the government eThekwini or Durban, the women entrepreneurs are selling forest tree seedlings in the city government.

They can not pay the money, but a coupon that they can use to buy daily groceries, home furnishings, tuition, clothing, until the building materials.

Reforestation program is emerging as an attempt to absorb 307 thousand tons of carbon dioxide footprint of the implementation of the 2010 World Cup matches in the city.

It is due to traces of carbon dioxide emissions from aviation are used by tens of thousands of World Cup spectators, mostly coming from Europe, to South Africa, then back to Europe.To absorb these emissions, the trees were planted.

As a place of planting, the City of eThekwini (Durban) to buy the land area of ​​800 acres of former sugar cane fields of a sugar cane plantation owners. Land to be planted this tree as well as a buffer zone between town and the location of final disposal and landfill (landfill site).

In addition to absorbing carbon footprint of the 2010 World Cup, the project has been started since 2008 is also intended to improve water quality and provide jobs locals.

After the land purchased, the city government employs people in the surrounding area to replant the area former sugar cane fields with trees of local varieties. About 80 percent of the population in the region Buffelsdraai is unemployment. Thus, nurseries and tree planting projects are also now become their main occupation.

The women entrepreneurs of this tree to collect the seeds from about 200 varieties of trees that exist in the region. Furthermore, the seeds of trees that grew up using a bucket or plastic.After these seeds reached a certain height, the tree growers can sell it to the city government.

If the tree seedlings grown by the entrepreneurs of this tree reaches a height of 30 cm, then the fee is 5 rand (USD 5300) per tree. If the tree reaches a height of 60 cm, the entrepreneurs of this tree will be paid USD 8 thousand dollars (or 7.5 rand), and 10 rand (£ 10,600) if the trees are sold to the city government reach a height of 1 meter.

One of these women entrepreneurs, Nokuthula Gcabashe, can grow up to 2000 trees per year.With this scheme, he could earn approximately 1900 rand per month (about $ 2 million). Of this amount rather than when he has no income.Found money Nokuthula of growing trees, he used to go to school costs.

According to Nokuthula when met some time ago in Durban, the majority of this tree are women entrepreneurs. Of the 202 people involved, only 5 men who choose this job. "And they are not hard working, just working normally," he said. At least compared to women entrepreneurs tree, according to him, most work very hard.

Having been involved since 2008, Nokuthula now a facilitator for entrepreneurs other trees. In those he coached, Nokuthula always told, "Two important things in this world, education and home. You must work to get those two things first before you work for food. "Planting trees is a chance to make Nokuthula can pay for education and improving housing.

Meanwhile, Ziningi Gcabashe is 'main star' of this project. Women, according to Ningi, interesting in the planting project is to get money. "When our men ran away from home, women who have to feed the children. From where can the money? "

Ningi is one of the first generation entrepreneurs tree. Initially, only 20 growers involved tree seedlings. "We were just told that by planting trees, we could buy food. At first people did not believe it, but it's true. "

Previously, people do not know what foods they can serve to the kids at home. Now, the women entrepreneurs of this tree could pay his children school, even up to university level.

Each person could then increase the number of trees they are going to raise in accordance with their financial needs. "What you need first?School? Building materials? New from there you can calculate how many trees you can add to meet that need. "

Ningi alone could finance the driving course and making her license from the tree planting effort, ie up to 5000 rand (USD 5.3 million). "Before this project, I had never touched the car," said Ningi. From 2008, when he first became a tree planter, until now, Ningi already sold 15 thousand trees.

Director of Climate Protection in the Environmental Management and Planning Unit of the City of Durban Regional Government said Sean O'Donoghue Buffelsdraai revegetation projects are considered successful. Now, this project became a pilot for a national scale. "The plan will be applied in other areas in South Africa."

The most interesting part of this project is that the government is buying land from private parties to then 'submit' again into the community to be managed.

Government to empower poor communities and do not have the income to be planting a tree with decent pay. The community was clearly boosted the level of economic welfare.

Women like Ziningi and Nokuthula, which was originally 'only' tree growers, can be a facilitator and coach in just over three years.

Compare with the management of forests in Indonesia. Despite all the forests in Indonesia are owned by the government, its management rights it granted to large scale planters. Rarely do people around the plantation reap profit from existing businesses around their homes.Instead of profit, which is more common in Indonesia instead a variety of conflict over the land.

The women entrepreneurs in Buffelsdraai tree, Durban is a proof that there is an economic model that allows the state sided with the welfare of ordinary people. Not only for the welfare of large-scale employers only.
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