Garlic Health Benefits for Humans

Health Benefits of Garlic For Humans. For mothers who often cooks in the kitchen, of course familiar with the garlic. Besides other than for use as a food flavor enhancer, this onekind of spice that has many benefits in the health sector. When crushed, garlic produces a substance called allicin. Alicin has many advantages to guard against certain diseases.

In addition, garlic has many benefits as an anti bacterial and an antioxidant. As anantioxidant, garlic may slow the aging processso that it can be a 'cure' of youth.

The benefits of garlic as quoted from the sitei Village, said that eating garlic per day is proven to reduce the risk of colds by 50 percent. Garlic also provide vitamins A, B and C and essential minerals including iron, iodine,potassium, selenium, zinc, calcium and magnesium.

Antibacterial properties contained in garlicefficacious against infections. Garlic peeled and applied to the skin can clear a fungal infection that causes ring worm. The study also mentions young garlic can help prevent food poisoning, kill certain bacteria such as E. Coli (causesdiarrhea). In the U.S., is now commonly usedgarlic oil for heart disease therapy.

hopefully Benefit For Human Health Garlic maybe useful for you.
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