Dreams We Are The Purpose of Life Our ​​Own

Dreams We Are The Purpose of Life Our Own. Ever heard the phrase "Dream Catch Up End of the World"? This sentence is not wrong because the higher our dreams, we should be more actively pursue it. If our efforts are half-center, whether the dream will be achieved?The answer is simple of course, never will. Worse yet, we will lose the purpose. How happens when we lose a goal? We do not know what we should do and feel empty.

Sometimes there are also people who just go with the flow without knowing what to do. Is it wrong? Of course not, but whether his life becomes more meaningful? Yes and no depending on how the person is judge for yourself. Some people who follow the flow either from friends, relatives or from their parents to blame when he fails and a few others actually grateful because of that stream they find their own dreams. So well do run without a goal? No.

The goal is important because that's since childhood, we are always asked about the dream. Dreams become goals to live when we really want it. This dream that will lead us through the days, weeks, months even years to achieve it. With the dream, our lives because we focus on it regularly. But be careful, we can shatter when one steps while chasing a dream or too focused on chasing a dream.

When pursuing a dream we must know when and what to do, instead of blindly pursuing wealthy hunters pursued. The thing to do when pursuing a dream is

  • What are your dreams?
  • Create a to do list that you have to do
  • School or university where a suitable
  • Choose the appropriate tutoring
  • Collect, buy or borrow books that can help
  • Use time as possible (but not forbidden to hang out with friends and family. Just from a nap or begong, mending his time filled with useful activities)
  • If you can do part-time or internship for the experience
  • Do not give up
  • Enterprising learning
Remember the dream was not like falling living guava attended, but must be cultivated and learned. Dreams are also not something instant like instant noodles so directly but need to process and time. So remember catch dream takes time, planning, learning and effort. Hopefully Useful for those who read it
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