Causes of Varicose Disease emergence

Causes of Varicose disease emergence. It must be remembered that the varicose veins is not included scar group. Then varicose veins including what type? Varicose veins are blood vessel dilation in the body due to obstructed blood flow. Veins or any other name has the function of veins carry blood back to the heart after blood finished distributing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues of the body. So practically varicose veins is a disorder that occurs in blood vessels. What causes it? Lots of like

During pregnancy, fetal body weight plus the stomach to make work as upholder increasingly heavy legs, causing blood flow from the rigid to the lower abdomen inhibited.

Lack of movement
Less motion alias always napping or sitting alone will lead to stiff muscles in your body especially the muscles in the veins so that the vein would have a hard time doing its job.

The content of cigarettes and smoke can make blood vessels constrict and inelastic alias rigid so that the existence of barriers as the blood flows in the blood vessels that lead to the occurrence of varicose veins.

Obesity can lead to varicose veins, especially in the legs because the veins sandwiched by fat and the existence of barriers when mengarlikan blood from the legs.

Standing too long
Standing too long will increase jobs for the veins because the leg muscles to hold the focus on body weight.

Resting leg in one
After running, sports or walking distance, better rested legs properly. Sit on the floor or a stool which is not more than 25cm, then stick out your foot. Or lean on the wall while sitting on the floor later stick your feet, do not be folded or bent.

The higher the heel, the faster the legs tired so strained and blood vessels do not work optimally because the brain sends a message to the legs to withstand the weight of the body.

Shall in varicose veins occur during pregnancy or as an adult, while varies little has happened since this means is that under the disorder since birth.

Some causes of the above can be avoided unless the pregnancy and offspring but still it is a way to prevent it such as yoga and eating fibrous foods. One thing to remember well is "Do not massage or Region Pressing the Varicose" because it will cause the rupture of blood vessels. Hopefully Help
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