Specifications and Prices Motor Bajaj Pulsar 220cc

Specifications and Prices Motor Bajaj Pulsar 220cc. recently launched a sport bike is more stable and of course friendly bags made. One of the major players in this segment is PT Bajaj Auto Indonesia (PT. BAI).
Introduced new motor that is Pulsar 220 whose presence had been eagerly awaited. Motor which was released at the Sentul Circuit still has a sporty look like other variants of the Pulsar. The front looks masculine with 4 lights. While the back looks the same as the other Pulsar variants. Brake lights also use LED technology to keep the safety of motorists behind you.

As a motor sport, of the specification machine is the main thing. Motor which has been named as one of the fastest motorcycle in India has a capacity of 220 cc engine equipped with dual spark plug technology typical pulsar. The machine was able to channel the power of 21.4 hp and torque by 19 Nm. not only crowned as the fastest motorcycle, even bajaj motor is also crowned as the motor terhemat and teramah environment because with 1 liter of fuel have traveled up to 266 km. understand it, because the fuel that tactic is gasoline blended with ordinary mineral water.
For the price does not drain your pocket at $ 18.6 million. for motor sport with engines of 220cc is a very cheap price.

The new engine is now breathing through a 32 mm venturi carburetor with auto choke. In addition, the intake ports in the cylinder head has been modified along with higher lift and duration cam. Larger resonator and catalytic converter is also used to improve performance.Engine performance that higher gear ratios have been adjusted to 5, to create a New Pulsar 220cc, 'The Fastest Indian Bike'. In addition to show casing the new engine parts, motorcycle 220cc also has a better gearbox with revised gear ratios, suspension rubber a better, stronger and bigger oil cooler.

Design And Comfort
Bajaj Pulsar 220cc may not have a design change drastically, but it certainly looks quite different from its predecessor. Wheels and engine are in a rich black color. Raised 3D graphics on the tank is also a big plus. Motor with lots of futuristic features, auto choke, clip-on handle bars, split seat, oil cooler, fuel indicator and battery charging, etc..temperature based ignition system also uses an optimized ignition timing to achieve a good start, faster warm-up and outstanding torque.This is truly an ideal machine for those who like to zoom with the raw power and thrilling.

Ride and Handling
Bajaj Pulsar 220cc comes with a free black top loading suspension, both front and rear, which keeps the machine down to feel neutral.Suspension mechanism as a whole remains the same except for a little ride in the front.Which changed the front fork feels much stronger and bigger and that gives more power at high speeds. other assets of the Pulsar 220 DTSi softer compound tires to improve grip on the road without sacrificing stiffness and tire.Substitution on the transmission and clutch more quickly, helping to traveling long distances with ease.

The following Bajaj Pulsar 220cc Motorcycle Specifications
  • Type: Single Cylinder 4-stroke water cooled.
  • Displacement: 220 cc
  • Max. Power: 21 Bhp @ 8500 rpm
  • Max. Torque: 19.12 Nm @ 7000 rpm
  • Front Suspension: Telescopic, 130mm
  • Rear Suspension: Nitrox, with 90mm travel
  • Front: Disc, 260mm
  • Rear: Disc, 230mm
  • Front Tyre: 90/90X17 (Soft Compound, tubeless)
  • Rear Tyre: 120/80X17 (Soft Compound, tubeless)
  • Wheelbase: 150 kg
  • Curbs Weight: 1350 mm
  • Battery: 12 V 9 Ah, Maintenance free
  • Head Lamp: 55W, ellipsoidal
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 15 liters
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