4 Bad Habits in a Dress

4 Bad Habits in a Dress. The new year is the right moment to leave bad habits - including in this dress. So, while still in January, let's look at some of the errors dress below and do not let you repeat.

A visible underwear line
Wear the proper clothing when deciding slinky. Clothing line in the visible or visible panty line (VPL) is a fashion mistake that is often done by women. Visible panty line when using tight skirts or pants are made of thin fashion mistakes to avoid. In addition to unsightly, VPL makes you seem "selebor" and no matter the appearance.

If you decide to wear tight dress, make sure you use design briefs with stitches 'seamless' or invisible. Another option is wearing underwear models thong panties long or until the thigh.

Forgetting balance
To obtain a matching solid-match should never forget the balance. Consider some of these aspects in order to avoid the mistakes of dress.

Unless you're going to go swimming or sunbathing, long-dress the balance formula remains valid. Blending the mini skirt with a boss who is also very open or minimalist is not necessarily right for everyone. Consider your goals away and attended the event theme. The combination of minimalist mini + is generally only appropriate for a beach party or the like. In addition, balance your mini subordinates with superiors a more closed, and vice versa.

Color balance is very important in dressing.Note also the harmony of body proportions and solid-match colors. The general formula that is safe is to combine a dark color with a bright color. If you wear an orange blouse, you should avoid wearing bright green pants if you do not want to look like carrots. Wear a subordinate with a dark color to neutralize the light colors on your boss.

Stripes, polka dots, or the flowers? We recommend that you select only one type of motive. Indeed, some people successfully integrate a variety of motives in one outfit, but maybe they only Lady Gaga or Nicky Minaj.Likewise if wearing stripes motif. Avoid too many types of lines in a single occasion dress.Choose one, vertical, diagonal, or horizontal.Too many types of lines in clothing will make you look "heavy".

In general, using two elements made from denim, let alone different colors, is a less appropriate choice. Only a supermodel or a cowboy who still look stylish with these alloys.If planning to use denim jacket, you should avoid wearing denim subordinates. Denim is more attractive if used one at a time rather than be used at once.

Matted and dirty
These errors are often made. Nothing is more attractive than a woman who appeared harmonious and well groomed. Never underestimate the little things like handbags or shoes that are dirty. Clean up before you go.Try to wipe shoes or bag immediately if exposed to dirt while in transit. Going out with the toe and heel muddy, dirty, risky lowers your points in the eyes of the him. If there is damage or stain on your purse immediately clean so as not to look dirty.

Wrinkled clothes is also one of the frequent mistakes made. There's no excuse for this.You will not get any positive impression of the clothes are rumpled. A time to time to iron my clothes are wrinkled to make it look more neat and attractive. With the appearance neat and clean, you certainly look more attractive.

Forcing yourself
Dressing well is all about harmony and balance. Therefore, do not ever push yourself, for whatever reason. Each body has the right type of clothing. Do not force yourself to follow the trend if it does not fit your personality and body shape.

For those who have big thighs and calves, do not ever force yourself to wear a super tight jeans. So is the hair color. Bollywood is generally only appropriate for white women in Europe or America. Not push yourself to follow the trend and appearance that does not fit the characteristics of the body will only reap scorn for you.

Many ways to look stylish according to body shape and personality. Mix and match the appropriate body and instead will make you look more attractive. Do not jerumuskan yourself only as a momentary fashion victim.
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