Advantages Love to Your Health

Advantages Love to Your Health. You are still singles, might choose to enjoy the night of the week by drinking wine or other alcoholic beverages. However, based on research, it is known that a person who is in a relationship, less likely to consume alcohol.

The study states:

  • Four percent of people who have a love affair for two or four years, is still addicted to alcohol,
  • Three percent of people who have a love affair for over five years, is still addicted to alcohol,
  • 12 percent of people who are not in a love affair at the age of 30, addicted to alcohol,
  • 13.5 percent of people who are not in a love affair for two years, is really experiencing severe alcohol addiction.
Falling in love makes us stay young
We all know that falling in love and sex are two different things naturally. But falling in love is usually very influential on our aging process. Research shows, fall in love makes us stay young. Based on research conducted at the Royal Edinburgh Hospital in Scotland, showed that women who have sex four or five times during the week, will look 10 times younger than actual age.

Consultant neuropsychologist Dr. David Weeks said the couple who love each other, not only seem to have a better body shape, but also affects the physical and emotional condition. So, maybe next time we all would prefer baby oil as an anti aging cream.

Love is good for women, bad for the guy?
Based on research conducted Classic Longitudinal Study of Ageing, showed that women who are in a love affair, will have the qualities that are higher than usual, but not the same as those that occur on their husbands or partners, who in fact have qualities that lower than normal.

Although it seems it is more advantageous for women than men, but the people who love affair would be much happier than those people who are single.

Other studies provide results that 40 percent of married couples say that they are happy, and only 25 percent of people who say that they are happy singles.

Love improving our mental health
Love gives a number of health benefits for our body, including to improve mental health for women and men who are in a love affair. In New Zealand, a team from the University of Otago conducted a study on 1000 people. They found that people who have a love affair for over five years, will be less likely to experience depression or commit suicide than those who are single.

Other studies provide results that people who are married, have a lower level to experience depression and stress than those who are single.

Love makes us more frequently birthday
Falling in love will make us birthday more than once a year. But that does not mean we will actually birthday. Research shows that male mortality singles aged 30 to 59 years, two and a half times higher than non-singles men!

The death rate of women singles are also 23 percent higher than married women. The researchers say, is because the people who singles have far worse health, lower income, and socially isolated. Support from others will help us maintain health.

Love cures heart disease
Probably just a coincidence, that the love depicted with heart symbol. Based on research conducted by researchers at the University of Rochester in New York, gives results that unhappy love affair which will provide resilience heart three times better. Research proves that a good marriage, will provide benefits for heart health, such as stopping smoking, maintaining weight, and minimize the risk of high blood pressure.

Another study conducted at the University of North Carolina, and at the Human Communication Research. They both discover that love can have a positive impact on cholesterol.
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