How To Treat Boils and Acne

Cara Mengobati Bisul dan Jerawat Secara Alami, Cara Mengatasi Bisul dan Jerawat
How To Treat Acne Naturally Boils. younger cousin of the author, is experiencing inflammation or infection that causes ulcers in the legs. Due to very small, the younger cousin does not want to go to the doctor because of fear with a syringe. The mother was puzzled how to boil on her son could be healed. My mother finally gave drugs from the pharmacy to treat ulcers. However, the work done may not have been right, so, not yet healed ulcers.Finally, by accident, I was watching a show on the Origin of Trans 7.

In that event, be informed of how to treat ulcers, namely the basic ingredients of the drug from the leaves of star fruit. As for how to make the potion is as follows:
Pick leaves star fruit from the tree, take a leaf which is still a little young for ease of pulverization.
Use glass or berplastik tears in her eyes clear as the protector of the fall of the ants from the tree at the time of picking the leaves of star fruit.
After the leaves are picked, wash the leaves with water to remove dust and anticipate fur caterpillars and other insects.

Mash leaves star fruit taste. If the hard ground, then add a little water about 1 tablespoon, then leaves again until finely crushed. 5. After smooth, attach potion boils on the skin that had been cleaned with warm water or if necessary, use an antiseptic soap. Let stand about 30 minutes or until dry.
Clean the herbs that have been taped to the skin with warm water, not too hot water. After that rinse with cold water to restore the skin pores which was wide open due to washing with warm water.
This tips the authors recommend the younger cousin. After routinely treated with star fruit leaves, Alhamdulillah ulcers had healed. Do not forget tetdp pray to GOD Almighty. for healing.Because only He who can cure the disease, we as His servants only trying. Because according to the info from the show, also mentioned that acne is one type of ulcer disease.

Then the authors try to make herb leaves star fruit and placed on the acne. The steps are performed as well as measures to treat ulcers.And Alhamdulillah, acne was gradually recovered. This is because the leaves contain star fruit (if not mistaken) substances such as polyphenols contained in tea leaves as antioxidants. Hopefully these tips can be helpful.
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