Mouth Odor Causes and How to Overcome It

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Mouth Odor Causes and How Treating. Bad breath is disturbing in the association. According to Dr. Zubairi Djoerban, specialist in internal medicine, disease bad breath or halitosis, is a state where there are noun pleasant odors from one's breath. Can be caused by bacteria that develop as a result of food left in the mouth. Halitosis is quite common, and together with dental caries and periodontium diseases are common causes someone to go to the dentist for treatment.
Halitosis than in people who are sick, are also found in healthy people when I wake up the morning. This occurs due to bacteria around the mouth becomes active, because there is food scraps left in the mouth, around the crevices of the teeth, esophagus, sky sky, around the tongue and gums.

Bacteria active at night when we sleep, because there are leftovers, the pH of saliva is more acidic, and less chewing and speaking activities. Actually, mouth odor easily preventable, relatively easily treated, but alsoeasy to happen if health and oral hygiene is notmaintained.
Furthermore, according to Dr. Zubairi a consultant medical oncologist and hematologistis, bad breath can also be caused by chronickidney disease, chronic liver disease, respiratory infections and sinusitis(inflammation of the sinuses, cavities in thebones of the face). Bad breath can also betriggered by the gum disease (swollen gums orbleeding gums). To avoid bad breath is needed just to drink and pretty much talk and chew.
Smoking and drinking alcohol are also a causethat is often found in oral odor (and cause other diseases), because it must be stopped. The cause of mouth odor is quite often found eatingsmelly foods, such as banana, jengkol, onions, and durian. Some drugs antihistamines, diuretics can also produce bad smell.
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