Simple Tips to Hide Acne

Simple Tips to Hide Acne. Hormonal reactions sometimes out of sync withthe important agenda that you have planned. Acne comes at a bad moment where you feltwas not optimal when it came to meet with others.

If the acne on the face bothers you, why not dothree simple steps to cover it up temporarily with these make up tricks? Reporting from theCosmetic Skin & Surgery Center, there are three simple steps to hide acne with make up you.

Steps you must do first is to use a concealeras a base. Poles on the acne concealer and blend with a soft sponge. Use to taste. Youmay add it if necessary, but not too thickbecause it will look very bad in the dry state.

Coat with the base powder to taste. Add toacne. Finish by flattening it with a sponge. Do not overdo it when menyapukannya to your face.

Oil-free powder
After that coat again with oil-free powder to make it look natural with a large makeup brush.

Do not forget to wash your face prior to havingcosmetic third had more leverage and sticklonger. Do not forget, back wash your facebefore bed if you do not want makeup too longattached to the face, giving rise to new problems for your skin.
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