Sleep Can Remember The Bad Memories

Tidur 'Melestarikan' Kenangan Buruk
Sleep Can Remember The Bad Memories. After passing through the events that trigger stress was put on, all people are oftenstruggling to reduce the emotional response.Apparently, the solution is to let your eyes stay awake.
The study, conducted the University of Massachusetts, Amherts find unique findings, published in the Journal of Neuroscience abouta person's emotional responses after experiencing events that raise emotions.

Researchers found that people who choose to sleep to forget the events that do not wear it even helps maintain and strengthen theemotions related to the event. In the study, researchers demonstrated a number of photographs to 106 men and womenon the computer screen, including someunpleasant pictorial images, such as violence, war, car accidents and the rest neutral pictorialimages. Then, participants were asked to ratetheir emotional responses from one to nine.

About 12 hours later, the researchers showedthe photographs again. There are some new photos, but the rest are still in the form of old photos. Participants again were asked to ratetheir emotional responses. Previously, someparticipants were asked to sleep, and the remainder were asked to stay awake.

Participants who sleep not long after seeing the image is considered as a disturbing picturewhen they asked to see it again. Researchers concluded that people who sleptafter a traumatic event will strengthen the memory or memories to return, than those whoremained awake. The scientists assume that the brain strengthens memories as well asbinding to the memories of emotional response.
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