Tips for Choosing Materials For Hair Problems

Tips for Choosing Materials For Hair Problems. Not all types of shampoo your hair match. If not matched, the chemicals in shampoo production can actually make the hair getting damaged.

But do not panic. Many natural materials around us are easily available and could be an alternative material according to the type of shampoo. Consider a line of natural ingredients below and return your beautiful hair.

Eggs for normal hair
It is no secret, egg yolks contain many proteins that nourish the hair. Eggs can moisturize and kill the bacteria that is bad for you hair. Not only moisturize, eggs can reduce excess oil on the head.

Aloe vera for dry hair
Sinister form of this plant make it comfortable even anyone who wants to wash her hair. Aloe vera grows in tropical climates and ready to clean up the problem of tropical hair: dry hair.

These herbs contain many vitamins, amino acids, and minerals that will moisturize and refresh your scalp for a long time when used regularly. In addition, the research developed the University of Maryland Medical Center concluded, aloe vera contains compounds that can heal minor burns. That is why many products that use aloe vera as an ingredient to combat dandruff.

Green tea for hair loss
Fight free radicals, prevent cancer, and reduce bad bacteria in the body. Not only that, these miraculous leaves have a real function for our crown. One of the most powerful antioxidants contained in green tea is epigallocatechin gallate with the function of preventing baldness and hair loss.

Reporting from the results of research Saitama Cancer Center Research Institute in Japan and Seoul National University College of Medicine, green tea stimulates the growth of hair from the body. Vitamin E and C in green tea can also heal dry and damaged hair and protects it from ultraviolet exposure hazards directly in the head.

Cornstarch to greasy hair
Many people who complain of hard dried hair after using hair products and even some for days. While in fact the problem of hair is sometimes present as a side effect of the chemical products you use for this.

Rather than re-experimenting with other products are not necessarily exact, cornstarch helps your hair dry. Simply sprinkle cornstarch into your head and let stand for fifteen minutes.The flour will suck the oil and fluids in your head in a reasonable amount. Afterward, comb your hair gently. Repeat again if still greasy.
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