Why More Women's Infidelity "Dangerous"

Why More Women's Infidelity "Dangerous". If anyone mentions the word "cheating", usually the first thought in our mind was a playboy or a male figure who often hurt women. Affair as if it is identical to the behavior and habits of men.The reality is not so.

Recently the Manchester Metropolitan University in England conducted a study on cheating behavior in women and men. The result, 20 percent of men admitted to cheating on their partner.

What about women? Apparently not much different numbers. As many as 16 percent of women in the UK said they had not faithful. But actually he needs to be more careful to keep their partner was having an affair. Other research on infidelity prove that women's infidelity is more "dangerous" than male infidelity. How can it be?

Women cheating if the relationship problematic
Most men cheat because they can not abstinence. It could do with a wife / girlfriend is actually not a problem. He just simply seduced by another woman or faced with the opportunity for cheating he could not refuse. According to Ruth Houston, author of "Is He Cheating On You", only 20 percent of women who had an affair because of lust. In men, the figure reached 80 percent.

Women's quite the contrary. If the connection is fine affair, he usually will not be cheated. The main reason women cheat is because he really was happy with the relationship. The reason could be because of loneliness, sex is not satisfying, or unmet emotional needs.Essentially there is something that can not be met by the husband or partner's.

According to Helen Fisher, PhD, biological anthropologist and author of "Why We Love", 66 percent of women who admitted having an affair was unhappy in her marriage. In men, the figure is only 44 percent.

Women are emotionally tied to the affair

Because she had an affair with the emotional reasons (the term is "main liver"), will usually be more difficult also for women to terminate the affair. Quite often women feel in love with another man's dream, even love him more than their own spouses.

Emotional bond between a woman with a mistress is also more powerful than men with mistresses. A study proves that the affair started or initiated by the woman usually lasts three times longer than the affair started by men.

Women had an affair with a more "serious"
Men might be able to easily and without a second thought decided to cheating. Not so with women. Women always think well what the risks if he had an affair. If the illicit relationship that he considers a waste of time, or the risk is not worth the pleasure, he would not continue. Men can be cheated many times with many women because for him it does not mean anything, but for women, if he decides to cheat means another man's dream was special.

Women better at hiding the affair
Women often find out when her partner is having an affair, but not vice versa. In addition he has no instinct to detect lies as women, women are also more expertly conceal terlarangnya relationship. Women are trained from childhood to lie in order to maintain feelings of others. The same thing does not happen in men, so that men usually feel more nervous about lying.
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