Benefits of Olive Oil For Beauty

Benefits of Olive Oil For Beauty. The secrets of nature can help keep your skin. One of them containing olive oil fatty acids and antioxidants that high either.

Whitney Houston's death reopened the memory of a little olive oil and celebrities. The images reported by the media shows a container of olive oil there is in addition to the bath where diva is found dead.

Whitney is one celebrity who believe in the benefits of olive oil. He always use a few drops of olive oil while soaking in a bath tub to keep her skin soft and healthy.

Olive oil, which comes from the Mediterranean countries, it has many benefits. In the market there are different types of bottled olive oil is commonly used for cooking such as extra virgin, virgin, pure, and the extra light. Extra virgin olive oil is considered to have the best benefits as a result of the extortion of the first so the result is more pure.

To make the face smoother and brighter, olive oil can be used as a mask. Rub olive oil on the face. Be careful not to on the eyes. Let stand 10 minutes then wash with clean water. This ritual is believed to be a natural anti aging skin mask. Sophia Loren, is one of Hollywood stars who make a habit of this. Evident in his twilight, his skin still looks gorgeous.

Hand and Nail
Julia Roberts reveals the secret of beautiful hand. He often mix a tablespoon of olive oil with warm water to soak his hand once a week. Star of "Pretty Woman" is to believe, this habit makes the skin around the nails and soft hands.

The feet are cracked or rough treatment can be overcome with olive oil. Rub olive oil into the soles of the feet and around the ankle. Wrap with socks and wear during sleep at night. In the morning, the effect of olive oil on the skin had begun. This therapy can also be done on the hands. Perform routine for a month and see the results.

Mix olive oil with kosher salt can also be done to create a natural scrub. In addition to help exfoliate dead cells, the use of olive oil on the body can make skin brighter. Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the stars who maintain healthy skin in this way.

Dripping with olive oil after shampooing can also make hair healthy and bright. Put enough olive oil after shampooing. Wrap hair in a towel for 20 minutes. After the wash clean. Keep in mind, this method is only suitable for those who have dry hair.

Drinking olive oil
Scott-Vincent Borba skin health advisers reveal secrets of Hollywood celebrity client beautiful skin. Borba skin therapy often deal with celebrities on the red carpet before the show.One of the things that is always asked Borba week before appearing on the red carpet is, take one tablespoon of olive oil every day.

Drink a tablespoon of olive oil in the morning before other foods are not that strange ritual.Many people do to help lower cholesterol, prevent heart disease risk, and maintain healthy skin.

Jennifer Lopez never forget to mix the salad with olive oil. He believes these habits can help fight cellulite body.

Selena Gomez secret of beautiful sound was also derived from olive oil. He drank a tablespoon of olive oil before the action appears to be more perfect.

But keep in mind, the benefits of olive oil is certainly not the same for everyone. To have your face is very oily and acne prone should avoid use of olive oil directly on the skin. Additional oil on already oily skin may actually lead to disaster, not a benefit.

For best results, always store the olive oil in room temperature and the room is dark. Heat, light, and air can affect the beneficial natural ingredient in olive oil. Once opened and in contact with air, the properties of olive oil can be further reduced. We recommend using within 6-12 months after opening.
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