Danger of Sitting on the Side Window During Flight

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 Danger of Sitting on the Side Window During Flight. While doing the check-in, a lot of passengers who require a chair beside the window in order to enjoy the scenery. However, recent research would suggest someone to choose a seat away from the window.

Recent research has shown sitting next to a window during the flight bad for health.
The experts from the American College of Chest Physicians explain that sitting in a chair near the window of the plane tends to make people lazy to move. Also, many passengers who sat near the window was 'complicated' if it should pass through the passenger side.

For those who travel long distances, sit still for more than 8 to 10 hours at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (Deep Vein Thrombosis / DVT), especially for pregnant women, parents, and women who take oral contraceptives.

DVT is a blood clot forms in the leg. This condition is quite serious, because sometimes the clot can break off and flow through the circulation of blood to vital organs and can cause death.
Previously, DVT is always regarded as economy class syndrome, which seems DVT attacked passengers in economy class. However, researchers confirmed case is also more common in business and economy class passengers exclusively.

"Flight in economy class does not increase the risk of DVT, but due to the ever sat in a chair that makes a person does not move. Sit near windows to limit the movement, thus triggering the risk of DVT," Dr. Mark Crowther of McMaster University in Ontario, Canada, was launched by Dailymail Wednesday (8/2).

The doctor recommends a lot of passengers on flights for frequent walking and standing along the aisle or go to the restroom, stretch their calf muscles and shifted in his seat.
Another study in 2007 found a passenger with a long-haul flights have a three times higher risk of having DVT, especially women and those whose height is more than six feet shorter than 5.4 feet or overweight.
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