Duku Fruits Benefits for Health Body

Duku Fruits Benefits for Health Body. Duku fruits (Lansium Domesticum Corr) derived from woody plant that lives chronic. The tree is native to Indonesia is expected. Others say duku literature comes from Southeast Asia to the west, from the Gulf of Thailand in the west to Kalimantan in the east. The fruit is now widespread throughout almost duku Asia and become one of the excellent support on tropical fruits.

In Indonesia, the central fruit duku widespread in Sumatra and Java. Type that is widely cultivated varieties Komering, Metesih, Condet and Kalikajar. Duku fruits can thrive in wet climates with high rainfall. These plants include seasonal fruit trees bear fruit only once a year.Usually the flower will appear at the beginning of the rainy season (September-October). Six months later looking fruit hanging from the branches and twigs ready to be harvested in February-March.

Duku raw fruit is green, and the flavor is very sour gummy. As the fruit matures, the skin will turn yellow and the flesh of the fruit will taste sweet. Most of the fruit is eaten fresh as Duku only tables. And if we want a little creativity, can be varied duku tasty and delicious dish, such as to the contents of pudding, mixed fruits cocktail or as a raw material jams.

Chemical Content
Judging from the composition of nutrients, fruit duku not too disappointing. Every 100 grams of fruit duku calories contained 70 cal, 1.0 g protein, 0.2 g fat, 13 g carbohydrates, 0.7 g minerals, 18 mg calcium, phosphorus 9 mg and 0.9 mg of iron. For the calorie content, mineral and iron duku level higher than that of apples or oranges.


  • A. Contain dietary fiber or fiber is beneficial for the digestive system, prevent cancer of the colon and cleanse the body from cancer-causing free radicals.
  • In addition to healthy fresh fruit, the fruit peel and seeds are also useful for anti-diarrhea medicine raw materials and reduce fever.
  • The bark is also often used to treat venomous insect bites and dysentery medicine.
  • Some people also believe, can inhibit parasite Duku tree and eradicate cancer cells.

Serving Tips

Prepare 1500 grams of fruit pulp that has been blended smooth Duku, 600 grams sugar, 100 ml of water, 5 g gelatin, 30 ml lemon juice and ½ teaspoon vanilla essens. All the ingredients are mixed together, heat up the texture thickens and the color yellow. During the heat stored in glass jars, cover tightly, now you have a delicious jam duku and ready for use anytime.

Duku fruits blended mixture is then mixed with agar or left intact for the content of the pudding.Chewy texture with flavors of sweet, fresh and slightly sour pudding made even more special and beautiful tampilanya.
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