How To Wash Your Hair the Right

How To Wash Your Hair the Right. Hair washing is one activity that so often we do, we never think of doing it again. Just like a robot automatically. Though many things when shampooing as we do with one. Consider the following shampooing rules, whether we're doing the right thing?

No need every day
Wash it every day, okay. But not everyone needs to wash your hair every day. If your exercise routine every day, then wash it everyday is a liability. But if your hair is dry, thick orcurly and fluffy, just wash it every other day.

Mandatory first combing
Combing not only to straighten hair. When wet, the hair becomes more fragile, easily broken, and easy fall. It would be more severe if thehair is matted when wetted. So before the hair flush with water, make sure the hair is neatly combed and.

Note the shampoo label
If your hair is oily, do not use shampoo for dry hair. The effect is Your hair will even more limpand greasy. Know your hair type and short comings, and then choose the appropriate shampoo and conditioner.

Do not need a lot
You just need a little hair product, be itshampoo, conditioner, hair gel, and other products. Pour just enough shampoo, do not beexcessive. You certainly do not want tooverwhelm your hair with excessive chemicals,is not it?

Do not use hot water
Shower in the morning is more enjoyable to usehot water. But the water temperature is too highcan make the hair and scalp dry. If you can not stand washing with cold water, use warm water lukewarm.

Above shampoo, conditioner under
That need to be washed with shampoo onlyyour scalp and hair upper. After foaming, foam shampoo let himself down to the tip of the hair, the most fragile. For the conditioner, just the opposite. Wipe only the tip of the hair.
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