Often Sleep Tonight Trigger Diabetes and Heart Disease

Sering Tidur Malam Picu Diabetes dan Penyakit Jantung
Often Sleep Tonight Trigger Diabetes and Heart Disease. Nights of poor sleep habits often make you feeltired and irritable. In addition, a poor night's sleep disorders for six consecutive times, can also trigger the onset of diabetes and heart disease.

Professor Philippe Froguel of Imperial College London said, "Control of blood sugar is one of the many processes regulated by the body's biological clock," he said on Sunday (29 / 1).One of the body's biological clock is sleeping. Disruption of the sleep process that will impacton blood sugar control.

The new research related to sleep habits thatheld some time ago showed that the symptomsof diabetes has emerged as having trouble sleeping for three consecutive times. The results of this study was published by Nature Genetics reported the Daily Mail.

Nature Genestics undertook this study to 20 thousand night-shift workers, and the results ofthe study, proved to night shift workers are prone to diabetes and heart disease. This research study found four gene variants are at risk for diabetes and heart disease.
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