Old Age Pregnancy Risk of Autistic Children

Hamil Usia Tua Resiko Anak Autis
Old Age Pregnancy Risk of Autistic Children. Pregnant at the age of both parents are not young not only endanger the safety of mothersand babies in the womb. Recent research hasalso found the age of both parents affect the health of the baby. The study, published in the journal Annals of Epidemiology found children were more likely tohave an increased risk of autism if the fathersand mothers aged 35 years or older at the time of conception.

According to researchers from Denmark whowork with researchers from CambridgeUniversity suggests that risk reaches 27percent higher than their younger counterparts.If both parents are aged 30 years, the risk does not increase even if one parent is older.

However, if one parent aged 35-40 years, the risk of autism is more common among womenof older age (65 percent) than fathers (44percent).

Researchers analyzed 1.3 million children bornin Denmark between the years 1980-2003. Of these, approximately 9556 children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders by apsychiatrist after referral to treatment. IncludingAsperger syndrome and other disorders.
Professor Erik Thorlund from the University ofAarthus in Denmar revealed mutations in spermmay increase the risk of autism and a newmutation in the egg increases the risk of autism.

"When mutations occur in both, the high-riskcouples to have children with autism than couples who only have one particular mutation," said Prof. Thorlund, quoted by Dailymail,Monday (6/2).
Although this study showed the age of the parents plays a role, but it needed further explanation. "This study shows that there is a relationship between parental age in childrenwith autism, but more research is needed. We know little biological chain that cause autism," added Caroline Hattersley of The NationalAutistic Society.
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