Religious people Proven Better Health

Religious people Proven Better Health. Religious people are often considered old-fashioned. However, recent research suggestsa religious people have better health status.

A study conducted by the Gallup company of 676 thousand Americans. The researchers conducted the survey via telephone interview toassess or describe how a healthy society, which is divided according to several categories, such as quality of life, emotional health, physical health, health behavior habits, job satisfaction, access to physicians and other health resources.

Any response from the participants will be given scores on a scale 0-100. In the interview, participants were also asked to state their religion (if any).

Surveys conducted since the beginning ofJanuary 2010 shows that religious people have higher values ​​in the score in general health andwell-being than people who are less religious ornot. However, people who lack or are not religious have the highest scores in physicalhealth.

In the study, researchers noted that health is influenced by many factors, including age, gender and race / ethnicity, in which the person is living in a country, class, and marital status.

Researchers believe that worship in a religion makes a person experiencing social interaction and friendship with others. A religion can also be a means of 'meditation' and provides a mechanism to overcome the problems of life, such as praying, so that it can reduce stress, depression, anxiety and increasing happiness. As a result, more religious people live longer.

This study also supports that the religiouselement is an important factor in improving the quality of one's health. Other researchconducted National Institutes of Health found that people who pray each day is shown to have 40 percent lower risk of developing hypertension than those who rarely prayed.
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