Rise and Shine to Your Health Benefits

Manfaat Bangun Pagi Baik Untuk KesehatanRise and Shine to Your Health Benefits. What time did youwake up from sleep at night every day? Make sure the clock has not moved appointed dayNumerous studies have shown that up in the morning to give a positive effect on health. 

Why? Get up early to give your body a chanceto breath fresh air with low pollution levels. This good quality oxygen will maximize the brain, preventing damage to the lungs, improving blood circulation and boost immunity.

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Get up early also gives the body a chance toreceive sun exposure is important to nourishthe bone. Exposure to sunlight in the morning before 9:00 am is considered best to meet theadequacy of calcium and vitamin D.

Roehampton University of British researchersalso concluded that to get up early to make the body more healthy, pleasant mood, and has the ideal body mass index. "Those who get up early tend to be healthier and happier," said DrJoerg Huber, researcher, was quoted by the Telegraph.

Get up early influence of body mass index may be associated with a breakfast opportunity.Those who tend to have time to get up earlyenough for breakfast so that food intake is more controlled.

If you skip breakfast, your metabolism will slow down to conserve energy. This condition will only make a person eat too much in theafternoon and evening. So, is prohibited for those who want to slim down, but skipbreakfast.

Not only that, getting up early is also supportfor the sexual lives of married couples. This is related to scientific fact that men desire sex in the morning is higher than the night.

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