The song is Suitable For Galau

The song is Suitable For Galau. Would you like to hear the sad song? What song you always hear when upset, heartbrokenor upset erratic?

Among all the songs in the world, the song'smusic group from the United States, REM was chosen as the most depressing song in a survey recently conducted by the British media,The Telegraph.

"Everybody Hurts" beat the song "Candle in the Wind" from Elton John and "The Living Years"from Mike and the Mechanics.

The survey which is the assignment of a theaterproducer named David King presents the factthat seven out of ten men to cry when listening to the song "Everybody Hurts" is.

David is doing research on the power of musicto affect humans. In this study also revealed 23 percent of men and 33 percent of womenadmitted to crying behind the wheel of a vehiclewhen he heard the sad songs on the music player in the car.

The song "Everybody Hurts" itself is one of thehits REM from their album in 1992, "Automaticfor the People". It is always attached to the feel of sorrow and grief.

In England, this song never included in advertisements for an aid agency for peoplewho want to commit suicide. And in a poll on one TV station in the UK, the song "EverybodyHurts" was ranked fourth as the favoritebreakup song.

In Indonesia, "Everybody Hurts" is often heardon the screen when displaying a review of someevent of natural disasters.

This song has a charge lara admittedlysubstantial both in terms of melody,arrangement and lyrics. And REM combines allthese elements very well.

If you are, what kind of songs that could makeyour eyes water with tears?

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