Terms Healthy Eating Instant Noodles

Cara Konsumsi Mi Instan Yang Sehat. Syarat Sehat Konsumsi Mi InstanTerms Healthy Consumption Noodles - Inspiredby the writings of Princess Martha Gustia in Okezone about healthy tips in the consumption of Instant noodles, I will share opinions and a little bit of insight about how a healthy eat instant noodles. 

"Mi said to be high-fat instant due to the production process through the phase that involves a lot of frying oil. While the oil to fry it self laden with saturated fat is bad for health effects if consumed too much," said Prof. C.Hanny Wijaya, a nutritionist from the IPB in Grand Indonesia, Jakarta, Wednesday(25/01/2012).

While the perception of high salt content this nstant noodles was actually more to the sodium that is in the marinade.

"Levels of sodium in a packet of instant noodlesare generally 750-1270 milligrams per serving.Human body in a single day should not exceed300 milligrams. While every food we asupdiasup contain excess sodium so than isnecessary," said Prof Hanny.

Eating noodles will make your stomach full faster because it can make the lazy to eatother nutrient sources, such as vegetables and fruits. This is likely not good for the human body.

"So, eating noodles can stay home to keep eating healthy sources of other nutrients," advised the PD MSC STP Susana Eng asHead of Nutrifood Research Center Division.
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