Tips Refreshing Body and Reduce Fatigue

Tips Menyegarkan Tubuh dan Mengurangi LelahTips Refreshing Body and Reduces Fatigue - In our daily life, of course, the schedule we have each day is packed with various activities, both activities in the home and outside activities. Both are of course very exhausting and not infrequently make your body feel tired. To overcome the fatigue, not least for those who are willing to spend some money to do a variety of treatments at the salon or spa. However, how those who do not have the budget for such treatment? Calm down guys, here i have tips to overcome it. Course with a cheap, safe, and natural, is also relatively easy. Let's find out tips. . .!

First boil some water in which if enough for bathing or cooking utensils to measure water only, such as a pot cooker. Then, enter a few betel leaves that had been washed before, about 7 pieces. After that, allow boiled water to a boil and put in a bucket of cold water that has been filled before. Cold water is stored in advance, this is done so that the bucket used is not expanding at the time of boiling hot water poured betel.

In order to cook water safer and safer as well as the removal of water from the cooker into the bucket, use a stainless cooking water kettle.But the kettle do you normally use at home for cooking drinking water, drinking water is feared to be cooked later scented betel. So, if there is no kattle that you specialize betel boiling water for cooking, use only the pot, and be careful when you pour boiling water into a bucket betel heat, hot water should not be exposed to hands or other body part.

Ok, after betel nut plus cooking water with cold water to get warm, water on your body. Feel the sensation of freshness bath with fragrant aroma of betel leaf. In addition to refreshing the body, also can reduce body odor, guys. . . :) But do not forget it for the little brothers of the Muslim religion and religion is still learning, do not use this betel cooking water for ablution.

Ok guys, see you on next tips, may be useful.
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