Yamaha Launch Mio Fino

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Yamaha Launch Mio Fino. Located at Hotel Discovery Kartika Plaza Kuta Bali on Wednesday, January 25, 2012 SL.com from Yamaha Indonesia had the opportunity to see first hand the launch of the latest motorcycles, Yamaha Fino mio. Yes, the motor scooter as claimed by Yamaha scooter ride is best to fill the two-wheeled automotive market country. The selling price and Mio Mio Sporty Fino Fino Fashion Rp. 13.5 million, while the Classic Fino Mio USD. 13.65 million.

The question is intriguing and SL.com is, that the model and form of motor scooter Yamaha Mio Fino is very similar to Honda Scoopy glance which had already filled two-wheeler market since last year. Well, why only now presenting the Yamaha Indonesia Fino scooter? In fact this scooter has long been circulating in Thailand. Is the Yamaha Indonesia was up?

Yups .. of explanation Dynosius Beti, President Director of PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing quite make sense for Yamaha Mio Fino is referred to as the motor scooter that has a 'niche market' which is quite large in the country.

"Consumer demand for the brand Yamaha Indonesia by varying the type and model has a great opportunity and is still wide open, so we fill in and answer the needs of two-wheeled automotive market in Indonesia," said Mr. Dyon Dynosius Beti close calls after the press conference in Kuta Bali attended by journalists from Jakarta and Bali.

"Production Yamaha mio is powered by a Yamaha Fino for Indonesian consumers who are looking forward quality and stylish scooter variants plus interest to the lovers of the Yamaha brand. Young people and especially women will surely love the Mio Fino because this bike is in accordance with their character, "said Dyon while giving a speech about the presence of this Yamaha Fino mio.

From the name, "Yamaha mio Fino" reads the word element of the name "mio". Loh koq be?Yes, Yamaha Indonesia said that the scooter is the latest Yamaha motor that delivers a new lifestyle in the drive with the tagline, "Mio Fino, Fashionable Matic" that seemed to not want to release melegendanya Mio as a pioneer scooter in Indonesia, then attach any of the Yamaha name "mio" as the first generation skutiknya it.

Fino is equipped with Automatic Headlight On (Aho), fuel meter, speedometer, front pocket, CVT engine and tail light. New fashionable modern retro scooter is ready for market in February. Specifications of the engine did not change with the type 4-stroke engine, 2 valve, SOHC, fan-cooled and 113 cc capacity. The engine can generate power up to 8.35 in the round PS 8000 rpm with peak torque reached 7.84 Nm at 7,000 rpm.

Mio Fino attend to complete automatic line Yamaha motorcycle category while meeting the needs of consumers who want a modern scooter latest innovations. Very worthy Fashionable Matic Mio Fino called identical with the woman according to Mio's own meaning, which means beautiful. Mio Fino also meet the needs of women who want to stay beautiful while riding a motorcycle.
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