Google Analytics Basics Guide

Google Analytics Basics Guide. Google analiytics is one of the most widely used tools on the internet, but among its own Indonesian blogger google analytics not too popular or utilized because many of them commented complicated, so they choose another web statistics beings are more simple example hitstats, StatCounter, or Sitemeter etc. But do you know who has the most comprehensive features and is also free?

1. Visitor
This menu serves to scan the activity of all things done by our site visitors. Overview of an overall report of the Visitor data starting from the number of times visited, how many times read, how long people are reading on your site, visit the average, how many unique visitors who came up with what browsers are most used by visitors when the site you.

2. Traffic Source

An overall report of your traffic statistics, come from, search engines, social directory, etc.. Here we can analyze and assess the biggest requests from where we come from, if that is greater than the search engines means staying defend, and for those who are still smaller than the other categories such as directory or direct social site (visit direct you to write your domain only).

3. Content
An overall report of the content-Conten who are we our site, ranging from an article in which the most widely read (top Conten), here there are several categorizing based on:

1. Content of title: if you click this, it is enough to get the report data by writing the title of an article that is made in a column that has been provided. See the picture below:

2. Content drildown: fixed display how many articles are read only by categorizing the year.

3. Top Exit Page: Langkap is a report about the page or link is most popular in our distus click, usually visitors who leave our blog.
The answer of course was on google analytics.I'll try to write the comparison for you.

Creating Tracking Articles
In the Introduction to Google Analytics I will also teach you how to do article on Google Analytics Tracking. Tracking the article is a way to get data from an article, in order to see how many times the article was read and was visited by the user, tracking is very useful for us, whether it's a fad, or for those who need this data (usually Job Review from the advertiser will ask for this) I think my experience Idblognetwork is one of the advertiser who need this data. So for those of you who gets the job review should understand how to use this article with a good tracking.

For tracking the article itself there are two ways the most widely used (I),
Tracking the article on "Content of Title"
Tracking the article based on the "Top Landing Page"

1. Content of Title
As I discussed above, how to use just by simply click the menu content of title> copy the title of an article that has been made, without truncated to the column at the red mark at the bottom> click GO
There appear to clearly report the number of times an article is opened and read

2. Top Landing Page
From the words on the top landing page itself diartikel as the most read articles on the visit / read, but we can also use it to perform certain article tracking, how to copy permalink our article, for example:
/ 2011/06/indosat-mobile-pilihan-mudah-dan-murah.html (Correct) (False)

Put it into a red box permalink crate example below, then click GO
Well friend of virtual information, so the first introduction of Google Analytics.
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