Frequent Updates Blog, Alexa Ranking Down

Frequent Updates Blog, Alexa Ranking DownFrequent Update Blog if you want alexa blog continues to increase. There are several reasons that should you do an update every day at least 1 / day.

1. Alexa liked the blog is active, if you arealways up to date every day then your blog willautomatically be loved by Alexa. because of aresponsibility and a special point of the blogalexa maintained regularly. Although not everyday updated with new articles, but as long as regularly scheduled. eg 2 days.

2. Visitors will be increased. will be seen very well once you know the difference between the number of blog articles are few and rarely updated with new ones. If you are always updated with the amount of traffic the blog regularly then we too will rise, especially those coming from search engines. If you see your alexa stats definitely stat there is a column of traffic and search, correct?. therefore the number of visitors coming from search engines is very influential.

3. Update your blog with always register it to another directory like dmoz. even this way is one way to update the blog, but not related to the post but the site directory

Hopefully these quick tips useful, Do not forget to keep your blog Upade to continue to increase alexa rank.
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