How to Write an SEO Friendly Post

How to Write an SEO Friendly Post - If we talk about SEO is no death, I'm sure everyone has their own tricks how optimize his blog and how to optimize its news of it was obtained on the basis of flying hours experience or the Admin blog to play with his blog. according to my own, a good article is a solid article content, thorough content, high fleskibelitas (uncomplicated)

If you want to become a good writer the first thing you need to answer is
What is the content that you create
Who is the audience of your article.

As long as you have not been able to answer just that question I'm sure as long as it's also your site visitors will always be a little bit.

For example, last week I keep an owl, and get ideas for writing articles about owls,
How to Care Owl
The target readers of the article are those who maintain and buy the new owl.

My friend's logic crate Information:)
Well now we are into the main topic of how the heck to make postings SEO Friendly?

  • Find What and Who answers the above
  • Do a good article writing, short, dense, and rich in information.
  • Enter the keyword in the opening paragraphs
  • Input KW at the end of the cover article
  • Bold letters with <strong> keyword text </ strong>
  • Note the paragraph and kw destinity, I think ideally 3.3% but I am sure you have the value of its own size, so don't strange if people's opinions different
  • Do not use the image size kilobytes (kb) that large. I suggest not exceed 15kb. The goal for the blog page is not heavy
  • Make your blog a light as possible. I understand when a new person when we plunge into the world of blogs blog would want to always include a wide range of widgets and tools, as well as pictures and flash. nah should reduce it, look at the blog from the viewpoint of the reader, if you are a reader and seeker of information what will you do when visiting a blog that weight would be in close it or if they go tomorrow-tomorrow we will not come again.
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