Tips to Get sitelink Quickly

Tips to Get sitelink Quickly. Hello friend my information today I want to share happiness to you all by sharing tips can sitelink.
Well according to the title above, here I will share tips on how to get sitelink on the blog. And of course with a short time.

For example, a blog that you are now reading age of approximately 10 months 4 days and only had 2 pagerank, pagerank So age and does not constitute a standard or requirement of a website or blog to get sitelink. therefore I am sure you can get it even better than me.

Here is a myth circulating sitelink:
Sitelink in the can if the website / blog that Pageranknya at least 3.
Fact: This blog had pagerank 2

Sitelink in the can than if the website / blog that the number of visitors more than 1000/day
Fact: this blog more or less the amount of traffic 500-720/day

Sitelink in the can if the website / blog 2-3 years old.
Fact: The new age of this blog 10 months 4 days, and I do the surf was a lot of sites older than 2 years but still do not have sitelink, So sitelink in age but can not because sitelink closely linked to how well you did on the optimization blog / your website.

Sitelink in the can if the website / blog that has a number of followers more than 1000
Fact: the number of follow-up of this blog can now sitelink numbered 309, so the myth of 1000 follow-up is a figment.

Sitelink in the can if the website / blog has a number of feed readers (the number of subscription articles) more than 200,

Fact: the number of feed readers (who subscribe to the article) I now get sitelink not more than 15 people, obviously the amount of feed had no effect with nicks get sitelink

Then how the heck sitelink it in the can?
Every person who gets sitelink may have their own opinion, including me. below are some tips that I did to get sitelink. This habit I did by accident and I continued to do every day to finally get the prize sitelink today from google.

  • Use specific words as much and as often. eg I use "I" in this blog, and when commenting on other people's blogs.
  • Use these keywords as often as possible in search engines google. and do click.
  • Put a Bold (bold) in the words you want in the optimization
  • Expand the incoming links to your site by exchanging links course and qualified to comment (must not write the last comment at the end with the address of your site, because for some people it is considered spam)
  • And Be the first position in google for the keyword you are good at. do not let such a respectable position in seized by others. because sitelink only given to sites whose existence is high.
  • Create a good internal links on your site. way, relationships every article on your site with related article (see: how to create a related post)
  • Improve amount of your traffic. approximately 500 visitors / day. and of course 70% came from a search engine google
  • Improve the composition of meta tags. for how could you please see here
  • Make a good menu navigation on your site.because the navigation menu is one of the factors point assessment sitelink, who said mas? My personal opinion after 6 months of doing research on web sites or blogs that have sitelink
  • Frequently the list to the site directory and search engine. (See: how to quickly sign up to 300 search engines) register your blog here.
  • Posting discipline.
The point of all this is that you should optimize your blog and selection of keywords you want to rajakan. try these keywords are still less popular, because if we use the keyword "online business" sitelink already taken. sitelink look for people who do not have. sitelink because it was something special not everyone can have it.

Well my buddy information. if you have any questions please convey additional or below, ..I am so first ends meet ya .. hopefully these tips can sitelink useful ^ _ ^
good luck ..
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