5 Ways to Increase Blog rating on Alexa

5 Ways to Increase Blog on the Alexa Rating. Every blogger regardless of background why would want to be popular blogs in the eyes of the visitors. Alexa rank is a rank given to a website based on the number of visitors and number of page view. not only that, the order in posting also be a reference. Many benefits to bloggers if you have a high alexa rank, namely:
  • Many who want to put paid advertisements. For a free wordpress can not advertise, while the free blogspot can.
  • Qualified on certain sites, such as paid reviews.
  • Earn more from adsense, as in PPC indo.
  • Building the credibility of your website.
  • Your website will be viewed and judged more professional.
the benefits are great is not it? nah, I will now share a little secret I told my friend who wanted to raise his blog in alexa ranking. These tactics proved successful in my blog, just look at my blog now ranks about 500 thousand, whereas before a new 8 millions. The following 5 Ways to Increase Blog rating on Alexa
1. Install alexa on your side bar
Alexa pairs in your blog sidebar. Please to www.alexa.com and register to get the code alexa. To blospot no problem in install, but for the free wordpress takes a little trick. Read the trick in this blog. For this one trick I have done.
2. Install the alexa tool in Mozilla Firefox
Attach alexa tool in your firefox moziila. You can find out the alexa rank of other blogs with ease, and can also increase alexa rank, alexa tool that will detect the number of visitors to your blog. For this trick I've tried to do but always failed. Perhaps the system is not good anymore.
3. Exchange links with other blogs
Exchange links with blogs that have a high alexa rank for your benefit. You can increase the number of visitors to your blog if anyone else felt attracted to the title of the blog and then visit your blog. Additionally, if your blog more and more links from other people then search engines will assume your blog is increasingly important. I do not exchange links.What happens is that the bloggers who are interested in my blog voluntarily put my blog on their blog.
4. Often make comments on other people's websites
You also need frequent member comments on articles on other websites. The goal is to increase the number of visitors to our blog. Make comments on other websites is one way to promote your blog. but his comments must be qualified, meaning the comments related to the article that my friend read. Make comments in addition to promoting your blog, as well as a token of appreciation to the author of the article.
5. Update your blog content
Expand the article on your blog, then people will often visit your blog to see the latest article from your blog. This will increase the number of visitors to your blog. In addition, the revision of an old article that perhaps the information or data is not up to date, and add the new information. This will make the visitors feel at home browsing on your blog.
Actually there are many other tricks you can do to improve alexa rank, next time I will share again. that's all and thank you.
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