19 How to Increase Alexa Ranking

19 How to Increase Alexa Ranking. Hello My Friend Information this time I want to share tips Secret How To Increase Alexa Rank. there are still difficulties in raising the alexa rank and technorati. actually write a lot of tutorials and tips on increasing alexa rank page rank. I did not want to lose and will share my secrets so they can get 404,886 within 1 month of 3,130,442. I hope I made it down, of course I will down grade this blog by following all the tutorials are below
  1. Change the home page in Mozilla or IE or Google Chrome you
  2. Install Alexa toolbar on your mozilla selakan download here
  3. Install Alexa Widget. Alexa is more like the blog or web in which to install alexa widget. because then your blog will be monitored for 24 hours non-stop with Alexa rank so you will progress more quickly. You can monitor the movement of visitors and Alexa Rank of each moment, when our Alexa rank higher then the advertisers will be vying to put their ads on your blog
  4. Write / blog about Alexa at blogging. Webmaster and Blogger like ways to increase Alexa ranking. Well ... maybe as you read now.
  5. There is a myth among bloggers and I was among those who believe. when we clicked the Alexa widget on your blog max 1x a day on the same computer, then we automatically get 1 point of alexa rank.
  6. Often Spend 5-10 minutes of your time to do Blogwalking and do not forget to leave a quality comment on your blog or website you visit. I suggest try to at least 15x a day-Blog visit other blogs. make a comment but remember that quality! Do not make comments that beg to ask at the visit!
  7. Often adding articles to your blog. Alexa rank consistently prefer blog that produce works (new article) of the blogs that season-seasonal, if more diligent, very diligent, if more lazy god forbid ... so if you want your blog in the eyes of alexa rank and google om you have to write regularly in the new post on your blog ideally 2 days 1x
  8. Science Learning SEO. a lot of tutorials that discuss your SEO can look it up in google with the word om SEO beginners. thousands of blogs emerged to fill a row of waiting lists, starting in April of 2010 this blog will be to review the SEO with practical and informative.
  9. SEO Defalut you do that? yes SEO perfunctory only. Cuman armed Blogwalking, Comment, and continue to update your blog for a week 7 times no longer be guaranteed you will bear the celebrity blogs. Who for example? loads of times. Blog even the master could lose Blog unrivaled by this way. Without having to know "SCIENCE SEO"? in detail and the high science of SEO, SEO Defalut can not be underestimated by anyone and anywhere. Maybe SEO Defalut more optimal if the optimization use PERSONAL BLOG
  10. Guess-Guess the keywords that are popular (Boming) on ​​guarantee your blog will be flooded with new visitors each day. I'll continue to update and slang often tough news in liputan 6 or technology in the metro TV
  11. Advertise or links Alexa rank and Page rank him higher than ours. advantage. value would be much appreciated your blog on google and aunt om Alexa
  12. Find many visitors as possible, optimize your forums, mailing lists, social networks like my space, yuwie, hi5, facebook, and others as a forum for the promotion, but not too aggressively because it can be considered spam.
  13. Keep the visitor's IP should taste from abroad, even better if its IP varies from different parts of the country in the world, the guarantee more wrote blog Alexa rank
  14. Do not forget to copy writing if another person, write the address blog owners. Do not feel lost or embarrassed, just the opposite of your blog look more professional.
  15. Submit your blog to various aggregate or social bookmarking. For blog speak english try to submit to digg, stumbleupon, ma.gnolia, delicious, furl, technorati, simpy, spurl, reddit, mybloglog, BlogCatalog, and others. For Indonesian blog, trying to register on the blog-Indonesia, traffic news, info me, dal others.
  16. Take advantage of the power of social networks that you have like facebook, twiter, hanging out etc.
  17. Advertise on free classified ad sites such as: iklanbaris.co.id, iklanads.com, webiklan.com, etc.
  18. If you have more capital, try a pay-per-click advertising such as: kliksaya, kumpulblogger, AdsenseCamp, and others. If you want a more formidable take a look with google adword.
  19. Last suggestion did the Management Functions blog. POAC (Planning, Organizing, Actuating, Controlling)
hopefully 19 Ways to Increase Alexa Ranking beneficial.
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Car Accident lawyers said...

Tips yang bagus untuk menaikkan alexa rank. Perlu dicoba tu. makasih gan. :r:

Khasan Nova P. said...

silahkan dicoba, dan hasilnya terbukti ampuh seperti blog saya.

Diana Sesarin said...

terima kasih buat infonya, biasanya alexa update berapa hari sekali?

Khasan Nova P. said...

saya kurang tau,
tetapi menurut saya setiap 2 hari sekali
karena ranking saya selalu berganti setiap
2 hari sekali

Kabar-Selebriti said...

Artikel nya Sangat Bagus Om. mau Ijin Copy ya.. Sumber Pasti Di Cantumkan Boleh

Dapah blog said...

Dapat ilmu baru ane, bermanfaat sekali buat ane sebagai blogger pemula.

salam sukses selalu sob...

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