Cause Your Ear Buzzing

Cause Your Ear Buzzing. dr Hanggoro SpTHT Sapto, a specialist ear,nose and throat, RS Urip Sumoharjodr, BandarLampung, explaining that the cause of earringing, there are three things.

The first of the outer ear is the ear wax clogging, do not clean or the presence of inflammation. So that sound waves can not govery well. Handling is how to clean the dirt.

Second, from the middle ear is inflamed eardrum is a hole / leak. Contributing factor because it is often cold, sneezing and nasal congestion.

Handling the inflammation healed, the ear drumwhich is leaking closed again, and if the flu orfrequent sneezing, then the flu should be cured.

All three of the inner ear that is the fatigue onnerve sensors and ear. The cause is often exposed to engine noise, often wearing a headset in a long time, or using a mobilephone. So that the ears be ringing.

Another factor is the existence of other diseases such as diabetes. The point is to find the cause of ringing in the ears, you shouldconsult a health professional. Or can perform audiometric test or hearing test to determine whether our ears are in good condition or not.
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