The laws Compulsory Learning SEO

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The laws Compulsory Learning SEO - Who wants to have a lively blog? and who want to have a blog that can give pocket money for us and also spending money for the people we love. it is obligatory to learn SEO, for those who want to know what the SEO and its benefits please read this article Know Your SEO

Here I will review a good SEO tricks in depth because besic I am not in the field of SEO, but if in the field of design blogs come on.

Well what do SEO with income?
In the blog world it's how it works easily, who's got a lot of automated visitor dollars to the coffers of our pocket just that it takes the process and time.

The more time you give the shorter the time that you also need to enjoy income through blogging. Initially you may not believe a blog can make money and might intend backwards, but before you decide it think again.

The most basic SEO is to make the blog as possible, not stout knick-knacks and fast loading and good meta tags, then register it to search engines and directory-directory.

Play with me SEO could say half-mad, know why?? yes it is because they sit in front of a computer-merciful twelve hours, to promote the site through social bookmarking, links and writings spread through forums, write comments on other blogs and write a story on the wiki-wiki that exist in the internet world.

SEO is the key to success there, leave comments, spread the link to the forums, disseminate articles link to social bookmarking, or if lazy can buy SEO services to others.

Well friends I tried, I hope this simple article helpful. Do not forget to keep learning.

thanks for the reader, hopefully this article useful for you.
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