New articles on the causes of Difficult Index Search Engine

New articles on the causes of Difficult Index Search Engine. What's Blogging Today? New Articles Why I'm hard to the Index? Well since 5 February 2012 it happened, I know several sites began experiencing the same thing. and I see high guest sites experienced this. Then there is the effect resulting from changes in the new algorithm?

Google SERP peculiarities in February really make a lot of headache blogspot blogger who uses the machine. No vote No vote still break even if not in the index update. But having experience kang salman 1 year who have had google sand box keep updated periodically and regularly. After a month will have little bit, though not drastic changes but later you will find a positive signal where you will experience changes in traffic.

Some of the causes we are rewarded google sandbox:

1. Age / Age Blog / Web.
The longer a website or blog maintained or always in the care of properly by the owner in the intensity of the long term. So not only created and then abandoned it not neglected.

2. Content / Content website or blog.
Well this is one of the very need to be, search engines will notice once a website or blog that has content or content that is original or relevant. In the sense that if we used to write this article and it would go along because it's very good.

3. Link.
This is probably the most confusing, this link can be interpreted as a reference, a blog or web which is considered a major source of relevant information / materials or both to a particular topic so it is worth and deserve to get a link from your web / blog to another.

Of the three key points above the main target is natural, otherwise it will arouse suspicion and if suspicion arises that it is only natural web / blog or post you can go to google sandbox suspicion can be refuted.

Again the advice is continuing to do I updated periodically by the postings that we usually do and the posts that most often we do.

Although long to get out of google sandbox, hopefully we will see this ephemeral.
Hopefully this article useful. Hail is always successful.
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